Packaging configuration

To tell PKG Deploy how to build you package and how to install your code on the end-user machine you need to give us instructions. These instructions come in the form of a configuration file.

In this part of the documentation we will explain:

Your application, your way

This documentation aims to give you a good understanding of how PKG deploy configuration files work and how they can be used to build packages for you.

It can't give you the exact steps needed to deploy your application. To create packages that install correctly you will need a good understanding of the steps required to deploy your code and the dependencies required.

It is generally a good idea to make sure you have successfully installed your software on a test machine before trying to create a configuration file to ensure you know the exact steps.

If you have not done this we suggest using something like Vagrant to create virtual machines to test on.

Here to help

With the above disclaimer in mind... we are here to help. Please get in touch if you need help creating your configuration files.