What is PKG Deploy?

PKG Deploy is a developer friendly way of creating and hosting debian and rpm packages so that you can go from committing code to being deployed anywhere in a few minutes. Spend more time building your great software and stop wasting time deploying it.

Packages are awesome but without any prior knowledge they are hard to create and host. We are here to make it quicker and easier.

We help you by

Making packaging easy

We have tried to boil down the crazy amount of documentation and tools used to build packages into a simple YAML configuration file which you can place into your git repository.

These configuration files include instructions on what, where, and how your application should be deployed on the end-user machine. On each release we look for any of our config files and for each one we create a package. Check out some of our config examples to see how easy it is to create configuration files and please read through our config files documentation to get yourself started.

Once the configuration file(s) have been placed in your git repository, you then trigger a release with a few clicks via the Github's UI using the tools you already use or via an API call. We will then build and host the packages for you.

Automated releases

We have a Github integration to automatically start building packages for you when a Github release is created via the Github UI or when a git tag is pushed.

If you have a more complicated CI / CD pipeline an API call can be used to trigger package creation instead.

Package hosting

We host all of your packages in your own private package repositories allowing you, and only you, to install your packages via APT, YUM or DNF.

All you need to do is tell us what kind of packages you are going to be creating and we handle the rest. It's that simple.

Any package you create will be automatically uploaded to the relevant APT or Yum repository based on the format specified in the configuration file. Each package repository will have separate locations for different OS releases ensuring packages that are OS version dependent are only installable on the correct OS.

Installing packages

To configure each server we provide a small installer with the package repository details and access keys baked in. This can be used to get all your servers set up in a few seconds,

Once you are set up you can install your packages in the same way you have done for other packages a thousand times before, using YUM or APT.

Check out our docs on setting up a Package Repository for more details.