# Organisations

Organisation access is controlled via GitHub. Each user is placed into the same organisations that they are a member of in GitHub, assuming that we have been granted access to an organisation (see missing organisations below)


In general, access is controlled by which organisations you are a member of and what GitHub repositories you have access to.

The organisations you are a member of are displayed in the left-hand navigation. This navigation section also controls the scope of the UI. When you have an organisation selected you will only see projects, releases, package repositories and settings for that organisation.

  • Which projects you can see is controlled by which repositories you have access to in Github - Project access
  • Which package repositories you can see is controlled by which organisations you are in - Access to package repositories

Missing organisations

GitHub OAuth applications are not given access to all of your organisations by default. Instead, most organisations need to explicitly grant access to applications.

  1. Members of an organisation in GitHub must request that PKG Deploy is given access via a button on the PKG Deploy GitHub page.
  2. This will notify one of the organisation owners and is asking for their approval - How to approve OAuth apps for your.
  3. Once this is approved we will be able to see repositories within that organisation.
  4. If you are the owner of a GitHub organisation you can grant access instantly on the PKG Deploy application GitHub page.


Currently, every user has access to all of the different organisation settings. We don't want to restrict setting updates to Github organisation owners as we can't be sure an owner will have logged in to PKG Deploy before.

Please get in touch via the contact page if this is a problem.

Billing and free trails

Billing is tied to an organisation and each organisation is billed separately. Once the free trial has ended a member of an organisation must enter their card details or the ability to create new packages will be revoked.

For more information please see the billing page.